"(A Place to) Hideaway"
Song by The Carpenters
from the album Carpenters

Front cover of the Tan Album (1971)

Recorded 1971
Released May 14, 1971
Length 3:41
Genre(s) Pop
Producer(s) Jack Daugherty, The Carpenters
Record label A&M Records
Letter (Make Your Own Kind of Music) K, for Karen Carpenter

I've got to find a place to hideaway,
Far from the shadows of my mind.
Sunlight and laughter, love ever after,
Oh, how I long to find a place to hideaway!

The Carpenters, "(A Place to) Hideaway"

"(A Place to) Hideaway" is a song composed by Randy Sparks. It was the fourth track of The Carpenters' eponymous album, Carpenters.

Song History Edit

In the 1960s, while Karen and Richard were still formed under the group Spectrum, Randy Sparks had booked them to perform at his club, "Ledbetters"[1]. His opening to the show included "(A Place to Hideaway)", a song which Richard states he "never forgot". He felt it a fitting recording, and included it on their third studio album, Carpenters, in 1971. It was also performed on the Carpenters' summer television series of the same year, Make Your Own Kind of Music (the only existing video of this song).

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