This article is about the Original 1978 album. For the Carpenters' second Christmas TV special with a similar name, see A Christmas Portrait. Confusion
Christmas Portrait
Album by The Carpenters
Christmas Portrait

The cover to The Carpenters' album Christmas Portrait

Recorded 1977-1978
Released October 13, 1978
Genre(s) Christmas music
Producer(s) Richard Carpenter
Co-producer(s) Karen Carpenter; Jack Daugherty ("Merry Christmas Darling")
Record label A&M Records
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Passage (1977)
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Passage (1977)

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Made in America (1981)

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Christmas Portrait was The Carpenters' first Christmas album. It included the Carpenters Christmas hits, Merry Christmas Darling and The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire).


  • The original version of Christmas Portrait was only issued, in it's entirety, on CD once in the mid-1980's by the West German distributor, since the distributor believed that their contract allowed them to issue the album on CD. In the mid-90's, when Christmas Collection was being readied for release, Richard Carpenter discovered that the final master mixes had been stored improperly and as such were no longer any good, which led to the entire being remixed for CD release.[1]
  • Merry Christmas Darling was re-recorded for this release.


  • Merry ChristmasDarling/Mr. Guder (1970)
  • The Christmas Song/Merry Christmas Darling (1977)
    • The first pressing of The Christmas Song/Merry Christmas, Darling contained a mention about their Christmas special, The Carpenters At Christmas airing Friday, December 9, 1977 from 9-10 p.m. on ABC. All further releases of this single omit that line on the cover.
    • The Christmas Song/Merry Christmas Darling was originally released to tie into the The Carpenters At Christmas, and not the album Christmas Portrait (1978) as many people think, with the single being released for the 1977 Christmas season, an entire year before Christmas Portrait was to be released.

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