"For All We Know"
Single by The Carpenters
from the album Carpenters

Front cover to the album Carpenters, from which this song comes

B-side "Don't Be Afraid"
Recorded 1970
Released January 15, 1971
Length 2:39
Genre(s) Pop
Producer(s) Jack Daugherty, The Carpenters
Record label A&M Records
Letter (Make Your Own Kind of Music) F, for "film music"
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Let's take a lifetime to say
I knew you well,
For only time will tell us so.
And love may grow for all we know.

The Carpenters, "For All We Know"

"For All We Know" was a song composed by Fred Karlin, Jimmy Griffin, and Robb Royer (the latter two members of another easy-listening band, Bread) in 1970 for the film Lovers and Other Strangers. It was originally performed by Larry Meredith during the wedding scene of the film. The Carpenters' version, perhaps the one most well-known, peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Song HistoryEdit

As "We've Only Just Begun" had smashed and hit its peak, Karen and Richard were having difficulty selecting a follow-up single - which was eagerly awaited by the label and radio stations across the country[1]. Following a pressing touring and recording schedule, it was suggested after a show in Toronto that the duo relax and watch a movie; said film happened to be "Lovers and Other Strangers". Richard's ear caught the song "For All We Know" and he immediately requested a demo be ready for his return to the states.

The song's ensuing success allowed the song to earn an Academy Award for Best Original Song of 1971. However, since the Carpenters had not appeared in a film, they were barred from performing at the awards; at their request, the song was performed by friend Petula Clark[2].


  • Karen Carpenter – lead and backing vocals
  • Richard Carpenter – backing vocals, keyboards
  • Joe Osborn – bass guitar
  • Hal Blaine – drums
  • Earle Dumler – oboe

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