Goodbye to Love is a song written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis. A hit from A Song for You, the single peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #7. Some easy-listening stations refused this song airplay because of the iconic fuzz guitar, and traditionalists accused the Carpenters of going "hard rock".

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The name "Goodbye to Love" was based off of a song mentioned throughout the film Rhythm on the River, starring Bing Crosby; the song is never actually heard in the film. Richard Carpenter, while on tour in England in 1971, wrote the beginning lyrics. He also envisioned a fuzz guitar in his arrangement, which lead to hiring the Carpenters' lead guitarist, Tony Peluso. Peluso was "unsure" of how to go about playing an electric guitar on a Carpenters record, until Richard suggested he "shoot off through the stratosphere".

"Goodbye to Love" was arguably the one of the first songs to lead to the development of the power ballad.


  • Joe Osborn - bass guitar
  • Hal Blaine - drums
  • Tony Peluso - guitar
  • Barry Gibb - backing vocals


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