Made in America
Album by The Carpenters
Made in America

The Carpenters' album, Made in America

Recorded 1978-1981
Released June 16, 1981
Length 40:29
Genre(s) Pop
Producer(s) The Carpenters
Record label A&M Records
Albums by The Carpenters

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Christmas Portrait (1978)

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Voice of the Heart (1983)

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Made in America is The Carpenters' tenth studio album (ninth excluding Christmas Portrait), released on June 16th, 1981. It was the last Carpenters album released during Karen Carpenter's lifetime. Made in America contained the Carpenters' first Billboard Top 20 single since 1976.

Track listing Edit

Side one
  1. "Those Good Old Dreams"
  2. "Strength of a Woman"
  3. "(Want You) Back in My Life Again"
  4. "When You've Got What It Takes"
  5. "Somebody's Been Lyin'"
Side two
  1. "I Believe You"
  2. "Touch Me When We're Dancing"
  3. "When It's Gone (It's Just Gone)"
  4. "Beechwood 4-5789"
  5. "Because We Are in Love (The Wedding Song)"

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