"Reason to Believe"
Song by The Carpenters
from the album Close to You
Close to You

Front cover scan to The Carpenters' second album, Close to You.

Recorded 1970
Released August 19, 1970
Length 3:06
Genre(s) Pop
Writer(s) Tim Hardin
Producer(s) Jack Daugherty & The Carpenters
Record label A&M Records
Letter (Make Your Own Kind of Music) K, for Karen Carpenter
Tracks from Close to You

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"Maybe It's You" (3)

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"Help!" (5)
"Help!" (5)
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One of the questions that we get asked quite a bit is, "What is our favorite song to sing?" And, really, there's quite a few of them, but the reason that we picked the next one we're gonna sing is because it's one of the very first songs that we ever sang together as The Carpenters. And we still think it's pretty nice. It's called "Reason to Believe".

Karen Carpenter, Live Japanese Concert, 1972[1]

"Reason to Believe" is the fourth track of The Carpenters' second album, Close to You. In a live recording, Karen notes that "Reason to Believe" was one of The Carpenters' favorite songs to perform, namely because it was one of the first songs they performed as a group.

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