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Ticket to Ride/Offering
Album by The Carpenters
Ticket to Ride

Obverse cover of The Carpenters' debut album, Ticket to Ride.

Recorded 1969
Released October 9, 1969 (repackaged as Ticket to Ride in November 1970)
Length 36:43
Genre(s) Pop
Producer(s) Jack Daugherty & The Carpenters
Record label A&M Records
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Ticket to Ride (formerly Offering) is the debut album of The Carpenters, released in 1969. The album was a commercial failure at the time of its release, only spawning one single, "Ticket to Ride"; the minor success of the single caused the repackaging of the album from its original name. [1]

Ticket to Ride is considered unique musically: Karen's voice wasn't as refined as it later became, and lead vocals were shared between her and Richard. The songs selected also featured more rock than pop.

Recording Edit

Most of the tracks on Ticket to Ride were written before the Carpenters' career began, with songs dating back to the duo's Spectrum days.[2]The album is called a "representation of the pop-rock mainstream of its time".

Track listing Edit

Side One
  1. "Invocation" (Richard Carpenter/John Bettis)
  2. "Your Wonderful Parade" (Carpenter/Bettis)
  3. "Someday" (Carpenter/Bettis)
  4. "Get Together" (Chet Powers)
  5. "All of My Life" (Richard Carpenter)
  6. "Turn Away" (Carpenter/Bettis)
Side Two
  1. "Ticket to Ride" (Lennon/McCartney)
  2. "Don't Be Afraid" (Richard Carpenter)
  3. "What's the Use" (Carpenter/Bettis)
  4. "All I Can Do" (Carpenter/Bettis)
  5. "Eve" (Carpenter/Bettis)
  6. "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" (Neil Young)
  7. "Benediction" (Carpenter/Bettis)

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