Your Wonderful Parade is a song written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis in the late 1960s. It is included on the Carpenters' debut album, Ticket to Ride.

Song HistoryEdit

This track, according to Bettis, was originally intended to be the A-side of the very first Carpenters single, "Ticket to Ride" - but it was later relegated to the B-side due to the "strength" of the other recording. "Your Wonderful Parade" was first recorded on four-track tape from the Carpenters' sessions at bassist Joe Osborn's garage; during production for Ticket to Ride, it was transferred to A&M's eight track machine. This enabled Richard's lead vocal to be re-recorded and allowed for a string section (added to the existing bass, drums, piano and backing vocals).[1]


  • Richard Carpenter -- lead vocals, keyboards
  • Karen Carpenter -- backing vocals, drums
  • Joe Osborn -- bass
  • Vicki Bacon -- cello (demo)

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